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Endpoint e-mail encryption made easy

The loss of sensitive project, personnel and financial data can not only damage a company‘s image, but may also result in a financial loss or even destroy a competitive advantage. Additionally, there's the risk that private information may be of interest to third parties and could be misused.

To ensure that this data is not unintentionally lost during transmission to desired communication partners, gpg4o offers the simple, user-friendly and yet secure solution for encrypting your e-mails - seamlessly integrated into the Microsoft Outlook user interface.

    ✓   Encrypt and sign e-mails easily

    ✓   Sign attachments as well as encrypt and decrypt them

    ✓   Support for distribution lists and Exchange groups - Individually configurable sending rules (e.g. „Always encrypt to...“)


Secure e-mail encryption directly in Outlook

User friendly and simple

Encrypt e-mails easily, user friendly and yet securely? With gpg4o this is possible. gpg4o is an add-in for e-mail encryption in Microsoft Outlook. From here, messages and their attachments can be securely encrypted as well as decrypted, signed and verified. The clever end-to-end encryption system is easy to install and simple to use. gpg4o is based on the OpenPGP standard with millions of users worldwide and is compatible with many encryption programs.

Why e-mail encryption

Protect your sensitive data

Whether at work or in our private lives, we exchange data with other people by e-mail every day. As a rule, we think nothing of it and are pleased that electronic messages can be sent so conveniently, quickly and cheaply. But technically speaking, emails are nothing more than virtual postcards that can easily be intercepted, read and manipulated by anyone on their way from the sender to the recipient.

How does e-mail encryption work with gpg4o?

Advantages of asymmetric methods

gpg4o uses an asymmetric encryption method for e-mail encryption. This system uses key pairs consisting of a private, i.e. secret, key and a public key. The recipient‘s public key is used to encrypt the e-mail. This can then only be decrypted again with the recipient‘s private key.

Product type

Full version, license does not expire

Encryption type

End-to-end encryption for secure transmission of emails

Encryption basis


Right of use

as many users / e-mail addresses per license as ordered

Download size

approx. 30 MB

System requirements

Microsoft Outlook 2016®/2019®/365® (Classic)
- ideally in a Microsoft Exchange® environment 

Operating systems

Windows 10® (32/64 bit) / Windows 11®

Compatible with

PGP®, Enigmail, KMail, Apple Mail® and many other mail encryption programs

Product maintenance extension

Optional 1 year or 3 years

Technical support

E-Mail Support

Optional services

180 days free trial period

Customizing of the configuration (e.g. with regard to compliance with internal company regulations/structures)


Note: After purchase, this item can be managed in your license management.

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The licensing of gpg4o takes place in the form of named user licenses. These can be assigned after purchase directly in the license management of the store via e-mail address. The minimum purchase quantity is one named user.

Licenses can be purchased for an unlimited term. The purchase of the license includes the first year of maintenance and updates. Thereafter, maintenance and updates must be renewed annually or every three years in the form of a subscription model. The renewal is done manually.



License with maintenance

License without maintenance

License with encryption



Sender rules


Notifications about updates


Manual update (release date after maintenance expires)